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Artificial Grass For Landscaping

Enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance yard with synthetic turf in Alabama

Homeowners from Montgomery to Birmingham are used to paying hundreds of dollars each month for professional landscaping companies to maintain beautiful, green lawns. The alternative is spending several hours a week tending to weeds or trimming edges. Thanks to SYNLawn Alabama, you can use artificial grass to obtain the natural look and feel of a real lawn but with significantly less upkeep!

Let us create a landscape design that will blend seamlessly with the existing elements around your home. Whether in the front lawn or backyard, our artificial grass can be applied almost anywhere to create a unique outdoor landscape that doubles as an extension of your living space. Enjoy the beauty of a lush, green lawn year-round without worrying about brown patches, weeds or high water bills.

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Cut Landscaping Costs

As synthetic turf becomes more popular throughout Alabama, homeowners are starting to see the financial benefits of turf applications. The most noticeable benefit is the drastic reduction in water expenses. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered to stay green, which means homeowners can enjoy up to 70 percent savings on your monthly water bill. SYNLawn also eliminates the need to mow or fertilize your lawn, which helps save time and money. Once your lawn is installed, you can spend your weekends enjoying it – not maintaining it.

Add Value to Your Home

Make your neighbors and guests green with envy with a lawn that looks great, requires little upkeep and even raises the property value of your home. A finely manicured lawn that looks beautiful all year long improves curb appeal and helps welcome friends and family to your home. We use durable synthetic materials during that manufacturing process to maintain a pristine appearance through heavy foot traffic and all weather conditions. Where natural sod may fall short, artificial grass is there to stand the test of time, year after year.

Our artificial grass is ideal for nearly every outdoor use. It can even be installed indoors! SYNLawn Alabama offers a wide variety of design options:


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

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