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Indoor Putting GreensIn Alabama

SYNLawn Alabama installs indoor putting greens for commercial and residential areas. We know golfers aren’t born – they’re made. We get it; once you’ve gotten bit by the golf bug, all you can do is ride the wave. And if you live in Alabama, there are lots of great courses nearby.

It looks like a simple game – just get the ball in the hole, right? But to sink the ball in the hole, you must be a great putter, which means practice, practice, practice. If you want to perfect your putting stroke at your leisure and convenience, consider placing an artificial putting green indoors. Let the pros at SYNLawn Alabama install your indoor putting green for residential and commercial applications.

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Putting Is the Key to Golf

The truth is, the amount of money and time spent understanding the complexities of the golf swing, the vast amount of available equipment, and the time spent on getting decent at the game suggest golf is anything but a simple game.

One of the first lessons any golfer learns is this: drive for show, putt for dough. The great players aren’t necessarily the ones who hit the ball the farthest. They’re the ones who get the ball in the hole once on the green.

An indoor artificial turf putting green in your home or place of business helps you perfect the stroke that makes you the best golfer on the block.

Weather? What Weather?

What a great thing it would be to practice your putting stroke in the depths of winter or during the thunderstorm that forced you to cancel your tee time.

An indoor artificial turf putting green allows you to practice when you want – no need to drive to the nearest driving range or country club. Instead, you’ve got everything you need right there in your man cave.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Well, how much do you have? If you’re wondering where you might put your artificial turf putting green simply contact us, and we’ll talk through your design options over the phone. We will also come by and help you figure out how much space you have and how much you need if you’d prefer. Chances are, we can find an ideal space to bring your vision to life.

And if you have a lot of space and you’re feeling rather adventurous, we can even install a full sized mini golf course.

Installing an Indoor Putting Green

Installing an indoor artificial turf putting green is a simple process. Installation is as simple as designing a putting mat that finds a home in your man cave. There are a plethora of options, and we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you need.

Once we’ve found the space at your commercial business or home, choose from our different kinds of grass to customize the feel of your green.

Does It Matter That It’s Not Grass?

There are probably a few purists out there that balk at practicing on an artificial turf putting green, suggesting that the ‘feel’ won’t be the same as putting on natural grass.

To that, we say every putting green in the world is different. It’s not about putting on grass greens – it’s about learning how to make the golf ball go where you want it. Any golfer will tell you that’s the only challenge in the game.

An indoor artificial putting green lets you work on your putting stroke until you can step up to any putt on any surface with confidence. You’ll have a consistent putting stroke in no time!

We designed our indoor putting greens to look and feel like the real thing, thanks to our collaboration with the well-known golf coach Dave Pelz. We made sure our greens have the same roll and feel as the ones on your favorite course.


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