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Artificial Grass For Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding FacilitiesIn Birmingham, AL

At SYNLawn Alabama, our artificial turf experts provide artificial grass for dog daycare and dog boarding facilities in Birmingham, AL. Pets deserve top-quality surfaces to play and relax on, and our synthetic pet turf is optimized just for them and their needs. Not only is this turf soft and comfortable for them, but it is also highly durable and easy to clean. As a result, our first-rate artificial pet grass is ideal for Alabama pet businesses of all kinds, including dog daycares and dog boarding facilities.

Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, & Artificial Pet Turf

Pet owners in Alabama often have busy schedules. Sadly, this means they may not have the time necessary to care for a dog all day or if they have to travel. Thankfully, Birmingham, AL and other Alabama communities have a plethora of wonderful dog daycare and boarding facilities. Yet, caring for dozens of dogs a day can lead to significant wear and tear on a pet facility, including its surfaces. To help improve indoor and outdoor surfaces at dog daycare and boarding facilities, our team offers high-quality, American-made artificial grass that has been engineered specially for dogs and other pets.

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Benefits of Artificial Pet Grass From SYNLawn Alabama

Dogs are important members of families across Alabama. So naturally, they deserve the best – whether it’s food, toys, or surfacing! Fortunately, at SYNLawn Alabama, we provide artificial pet grass that is arguably the best surfacing material for dogs of all ages and sizes. This is primarily due to the many benefits our synthetic pet turf offers, which include:


Dogs of all sizes can tear up surfaces, especially fragile surfaces like traditional grass. Instead of constantly caring for torn-up grass or foam padding, your dog daycare or boarding facility can save time and money with our highly durable artificial pet grass. This product has been specially designed to resist wear and tear from dogs, including attempts at digging. As a result, it provides a much sturdier and longer-lasting surface for pet businesses. 

Easy to Clean Surfacing

Cleanliness is essential for dog daycares and dog boarding facilities. If not, pet owners will not trust them with their beloved furry friends. Yet surfaces like conventional grass can be difficult to maintain and keep clean, especially when it comes to pet waste. Fortunately, at SYNLawn Alabama, our synthetic pet turf has a quick-draining backing, which makes it incredibly easy to clean. All it takes is some gentle soap and spraying the surface with water from a hose.  

Little Upkeep

At SYNLawn Alabama, one of the greatest benefits of our artificial grass products is the lack of upkeep they require. Many surfaces, like traditional grass, require consistent maintenance to look and feel their very best. Thankfully, our synthetic pet grass always looks lush and green while feeling soft to the touch – without a need for routine upkeep. This makes it a time and money-saving investment for dog daycare and boarding businesses in Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery, AL.  

Visual Appeal

Aesthetics are a huge part of running a business, especially a pet business. Pet owners want their four-legged friends to stay in inviting, comfortable spaces, and the way a dog daycare or boarding facility looks places a significant role in that. Fortunately, our artificial pet turf can help! The lush green color of our synthetic pet grass provides a realistic surface that mimics the look of traditional grass. In doing so, it can help make your Alabama dog business look better than ever! 

Why Choose SYNLawn Alabama for Synthetic Pet Turf Installation?

At SYNLawn Alabama, our team leads the way in artificial grass installations in Birmingham, AL and other Alabama communities. We not only supply industry-leading SYNLawn turf, but we employ a team of synthetic grass design and installation specialists. Our team can help you design an artificial pet turf installation that perfectly suits your dog daycare or pet boarding facility. From there, they will professionally install it to ensure it can last for years to come. 

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