Artificial Grass for General Contractors in Birmingham, AL

At SYNLawn Alabama, we are a first-rate supplier of artificial grass for general contractors in Birmingham, AL and many other Alabama communities. We possess extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of synthetic grass – from its production to installation. Not only can our team offer your general contracting business competitive rates on our industry-leading artificial turf, but we can also provide you with the insight to help incorporate our synthetic grass into as many of your projects as possible. As a result, general contractors who work with us can impress their clients with the high-quality SYNLawn artificial grass used in their installations and their synthetic turf knowledge.

Why Choose Artificial Grass for Your Projects?

Artificial grass is a remarkable surfacing material. Unlike other lawn and landscaping materials, it can provide a homeowner, business owner, and even guests of a property with numerous benefits. This is because quality artificial grass is consistently beautiful, low-maintenance, durable, and environmentally friendly. 

With each of these factors embedded in its overall design and purpose, synthetic grass can make life easier for property owners who do not need to worry about spending significant amounts of time and money on upkeep. Instead, they can relax, knowing that their artificial lawn or landscape always looks lush and green. This is ultimately what makes synthetic turf so valuable for general contractors and their projects in Birmingham, AL and anywhere else.

Impress Your Clients with Our Industry-Leading Artificial Turf

As valuable as synthetic turf can be, the industry-leading artificial grass from us at SYNLawn Alabama is far more invaluable. Unlike cheaper synthetic grass products, our artificial turf products have unmatched quality. This is primarily due to our unique production process, which occurs in an American facility just across state lines in Dalton, Georgia. At this facility, our artificial turf products undergo continuous testing as well as quality control to ensure synthetic grass products that are highly durable and ultra-realistic in look and feel. As a result, our first-rate artificial grass is ready to impress in Alabama and anywhere else!

Take a look at our gallery to see the magnificence of our artificial turf for yourself! 

Our Specialized Synthetic Grass Options

At SYNLawn Alabama, we offer general contractors, landscapers, architects, and other installers of artificial grass in Birmingham, AL several options for their projects. Our team sells synthetic grass with different blade heights, textures, colors, and more to help suit the style your clients are looking for. We also offer many specialized synthetic turf options, which are tailored to different purposes and populations. These options include:

With our selection of artificial turf options, your business has access to several kinds of synthetic grass to help suit the unique needs of your clients. For example, for homeowners with pets, you can offer fully optimized artificial pet turf, while for businesses with areas for children, you can offer our synthetic playground grass. There are numerous options when you work with us!

Artificial rooftop pet grass from SYNLawn Alabama
Commercial artificial grass putting green from SYNLawn Alabama

Why You Should Partner with SYNLawn Alabama

For general contractors working in Alabama, there are many options for artificial grass suppliers. However, at SYNLawn Alabama, we are the best choice. We not only offer industry-leading artificial turf products with several benefits and specializations, but we also offer synthetic grass expertise, friendly service, and competitive prices. By partnering with us, general contractors in Birmingham, AL gain a friend in the artificial grass industry who is dedicated to helping them succeed. Our team is consistently available to take orders, answer questions, and offer advice to ensure your synthetic turf needs and concerns are addressed. 

Contact Us Today for More Information on Artificial Grass for General Contractors 

Artificial grass for general contractors from us at SYNLawn Alabama is a key aspect of our business in Birmingham, AL and other Alabama communities. We love our product and seeing it installed on residential and commercial properties throughout the state, which is why we want general contractors and other installers to utilize it in their projects. By working with us, you gain access to our expertise and our products. So contact us today to learn more about starting a partnership with SYNLawn Alabama!


Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

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