Artificial Grass In Hoover, Alabama

Hoover, AL is a beautiful city with gorgeous parks and scenic views; in keeping with the beautiful aesthetic of the both residential and commercial regions of the city, SYNLawn Alabama helps custom design and build incredible artificial lawns, a personalized backyard putting greens, and synthetic grass landscaping options that provide a low maintenance lawn that not only looks incredible but is also long-lasting.

At SYNLawn Alabama, we make it easy for our clients to make the transition to artificial grass lawns, allowing both residents and business to augment their landscapes with custom-designed options that they can maximize the use and function of their lawns, from playgrounds, golf grass, pet grass and more we can help you design the perfect solution to suit your needs.

Over the years, our turf has gained in popularity owing to its numerous benefits. Let’s go over these benefits.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Saves You Time & Money

A remarkable feature of synthetic turf is how little upkeep it demands from you. Once it’s installed, you never have to worry about it again. There is no need to concern yourself with buying any expensive lawn care equipment to take care of it. Also, you won’t need to hire any gardeners or landscapers to keep it looking its best. Furthermore, no chemical treatment is needed for synthetic turf—meaning no pesticides, fertilizers, or weed killers are necessary. Essentially, the time and money you save with artificial grass can be guided towards things you find more meaningful or important.

Water Savings

Synthetic grass is fantastic in terms of conserving water. During the sweltering summer months in Hoover, AL, regular grass lawns may demand copious amounts of water. However, an artificial grass lawn never needs watering. Not only is this good for conserving water for the local environment, but it also is effective in lowering your water bill.

Eco Benefits

Because artificial turf doesn’t need chemical treatment and lasts for many years, it is considered quite environmentally friendly. While conventional grass may need to be treated with powerful pesticides or herbicides, synthetic turf needs no chemical treatment. This means that there is no risk of chemicals harming the local environment. Also, due to the turf being highly resilient against wear-and-tear and being fully recyclable, it won’t wind up at the end of its life cycle being in a landfill somewhere.

What Artificial Grass Can Be Used For


The most immediately noticeable feature of a synthetic grass lawn is its beauty. No matter the amount of foot traffic or turbulent weather conditions it is exposed to, it will be able to brush off those stresses and maintain its look. To neighbors and anyone looking at your artificial grass lawn, it will look like you always keep your lawn in impeccable condition. And because your synthetic lawn will always look superb, you can devote your time and money to other pursuits.

Pet & Dog Turf

Synthetic dog grass is excellent for dogs in terms of its comfort and safety features. Even the largest, strongest dogs won’t be able to dig into artificial pet turf, meaning they’ll be much less likely to find a way out of your yard to escape. Artificial dog grass also comes with cooling technology, meaning that even during the hottest days in Hoover, AL, your pet’s paws won’t get burned. Also, because artificial pet grass drains water fast, you won’t have to dread your pet running through a puddle after a storm and then running through your house with muddy paws. Pet grass also is effective in controlling odors, given that it is antimicrobial, drains dog urine quickly, and is easy to clean waste off of.

Putting Greens

Artificial putting greens are excellent in terms of the convenience they can provide you with. Even though Hoover, AL has many golf courses, it can still be a hassle to have to drive out to one whenever you want to play. With a fully customized putting green installed right in your backyard, you will be able to practice golf whenever you want. Artificial golf grass is made to look and feel similar to the turf that golf professionals use for things like PGA tours. So when you practice your golf game, you can be confident that your putting green turf is giving you a realistic experience.

Playground Turf

Artificial playground turf is built with safety as a number one priority. Because it is built with extra padding, it provides fall protection to any kids that are playing on it. Furthermore, due to its sturdiness, the playground turf isn’t at risk of changing its shape and becoming less safe over time. Finally, synthetic playground turf also can cool itself with our heat dispersing technology during hot days, meaning it will always be comfortable to play on.

Commercial Applications

Commercial artificial grass is ideal for businesses in a number of ways:

  1. Commercial turf is attractive to look at and is more likely to be noticed by a passerby and appreciated by customers.
  2. Commercial synthetic grass saves businesses money and time.
  3. With commercial turf installed, there is no need for chemical treatment or needing to enter into expensive contracts with landscapers.
  4. Your water bill will also be lower, as synthetic turf never needs any watering.

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Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

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