How artificial grass saves you time and money in Alabama

Alabama is known for its beautiful and temperate climate and with an artificial grass lawn homeowners are able to enjoy the outdoors, the weather even more along with the savings in both time and money that their synthetic lawn provides.  Here are just a few of the ways that artificial lawns can save you overall:

No More Money Lost in Labor

Synthetic turf requires little to no maintenance, allowing for you to have a beautiful expansive lawn without all of the hassles that traditional lawns bring. With traditional lawns you have to deal with its constant demands for exhausting physical labor. Which means you sacrifice your evenings and weekends doing yard care. With your new SYNLawn Alabama artificial grass lawn you don’t have to. Our synthetic lawns are always green, and perfectly manicured. Reclaim your weekends and get back those hours lost to laboring over your lawn by having a custom designed and professionally installed SYNLawn Alabama synthetic grass lawn.

No More Maintenance Fees

Maybe you are not currently taking care of your traditional lawn yourself but you are forking out even more cash than a diy’er. When you make your lawn synthetic grass there will be no further weekly maintenance fees required. You can stop paying lawn care professionals hand over fist to maintain your lawn. With a synthetic turf your lawn looks professionally maintained day in and day out. No more throwing money out the window week after week.

The Underside of a Traditional Lawn’s Hidden Fees

When you have a traditional lawn, maintenance costs quickly add up. From everything like weeds, to needing to reseed, to fertilization, pest control and underperforming grasses you can take all of that combined expense and invest in a lush and beautiful synthetic grass lawn that will last for years to come. 

Traditional lawns are a drain on your time and money. Requiring frequent and regular watering, fertilization and upkeep. Save your back and your hard earned money and invest in a beautiful artificial turf lawn by the professionals of SYNLawn Alabama where we will expertly custom design and professionally install an artificial turf that will keep your yard looking its best for years down the road. 

The expense of lawn care equipment and the fuel to run them are a thing of the past with a beautiful synthetic lawn. We can take your new beautiful synthetic turf right to the boundary of your yard or if you prefer we can seamlessly blend it into your flower bed or edging. We offer premier and custom looks for your synthetic lawn that are perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. 

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