How Artificial Grass Holds up Against Alabama Weather

At SYNLawn Alabama, our top-quality synthetic grass systems allow lawns and fields to maintain their texture while keeping a lush and green aesthetic even in various weather conditions in Birmingham, AL. Our artificial turf is the ideal grass for your lawn and an all-weather surface alternative with its durable materials and intricate composition. It can withstand some of the most extreme weather. Whether it is cold, rainy, or sunny, our synthetic turf can resist it. Discover the details on our turf’s weather-resistance below:

No Winter is Too Cold

When winter comes around, you might wonder how well synthetic turf from SYNLawn Alabama can hold up against the extremities of cold weather. Here is what you may expect from our weather-resistant artificial grass:


High winds are often associated with winters. Sadly, they may wreak havoc and flatten conventional grass lawns. The wind may also remove grass blades, leaving your yard damaged and sparse. Thankfully, our weather-resistant artificial grass comes with a durable infill and backing that supports the turf blades, helping to ensure they stay upright.

Our superior turf bind technology applied to our synthetic turf ensures a reinforcement for each grass blade into the turf backing. This provides a strong pull force resistance, ensuring your turf blades stay locked amidst windy conditions.

Artificial grass hotel lobby installed by SYNLawn

Ice and Snow

Ice and snow are rare in Birmingham and most other parts of Alabama. But, if they occur, these factors are no match for our high-quality, weather-resistant artificial grass. Unlike conventional grass, which can be quickly destroyed after a snowstorm, our synthetic turf remains in excellent condition even after snowfall.

You need not worry about standing water and sludge when the sun eventually comes out, and the snow begins to melt. Our synthetic grass features an optimal drainage system that quickly drains melted snow for a safer, cleaner, and dryer yard.

Other times, the weight of snow might flatten your lawn. But fortunately, with synthetic grass, you can get the blades back to their normal, upright position with a quick brushing.

Commercial turf putting green installed by SYNLawn


Most homeowners in Alabama communities have to deal with frost at some point. Frosts form during the winter season when moisture forms on grass tops and eventually freezes.

Frost often causes severe issues with conventional grass. It eventually melts and creates excess moisture and standing water, which can allow harmful mold spores to grow. On the other hand, our synthetic turf lacks soil beneath the blades, which aids in inhibiting frost formation.

In the unlikely event that you have moisture on top of your synthetic grass, the highly efficient drainage system helps eliminate any melted frost and prevent bacteria growth and stagnating water.

Commercial artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn

The Summer is Not Too Hot for Turf

During scorching weather conditions, you should consider two elements: heat and the source of heat. Traditional lawns often dry up during scorching weather, becoming a fire safety hazard. Conversely, our quality synthetic turf typically withstands high heat and direct exposure to the sun.

At SYNLawn Alabama, our artificial grass can resist complications emerging from sunlight exposure due to UV-resistant fibers. When installed correctly by our professionals, you will not find dry or bleached patches in your lawn, children’s playground, backyard, or wherever else it is installed.

Fortunately, our many synthetic grass products are equipped with HeatBlock to reduce heat. This helps keep our turf surfaces cooler, making them more comfortable as lawns, playgrounds, landscaping, and more. So consider adding our heat-resistant artificial turf to your property today!

Stand Up Against Various Weather Conditions With Artificial Turf

At SYNLawn Alabama, our artificial grass is highly durable and unaffected by changing weather like wind or even the warmest sunshine in Birmingham, Alabama. Our beautiful green lawns can help make your home or business the talk of the neighborhood when the harsh weather conditions or winter storms have turned your neighbors’ conventional grass lawns into brown, broken blades. So contact us today for quality, weather-resistant artificial grass in Alabama!