Answering Common Questions About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass from SYNLawn Alabama is an outstanding surfacing solution for numerous commercial and residential applications in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile, AL. Sadly, many people across Alabama are still unaware of all the benefits our high-quality synthetic turf has to offer. In many ways, our artificial grass is a superior option to traditional grass and several other landscaping options.

To help spread the word, we have taken the time to answer five of the most common questions about our artificial grass and synthetic turf products: 

#1. Does Artificial Grass Look and Feel like Traditional Grass?

Despite its synthetic nature, artificial grass from SYNLawn Alabama is ultra-realistic! It looks and feels just like conventional grass but without all of the common inconsistencies that come with owning a traditional grass lawn. Typically, regular grass can be impacted by wear and tear, weather, or inconsistent watering. This can make it become patchy, develop holes, and even turn brown. Thankfully, our artificial grass does not suffer from these issues. Instead, it remains luscious, trimmed, and green throughout its extended life.

#2. Is Artificial Grass Durable? 

At SYNLawn Alabama, our artificial grass and synthetic turf products are highly durable. They are able to withstand high foot traffic, lawn games and activities, consistent sun exposure, and more. The synthetic nature of our artificial turf allows it to be much stronger and more resistant than other surfacing materials, such as common grass. Usually, traditional grass succumbs to the pressure and wear and tear of foot traffic, lawn games, and the weather. Fortunately, for residential and commercial properties in Birmingham and other Alabama communities, our artificial grass does not. 

#3. Does Artificial Grass Require Any Maintenance?

One of the most considerable advantages of artificial grass is the lack of maintenance required by its owners. Unlike conventional grass surfaces, synthetic turf has far fewer requirements. For example, traditional sod lawns almost always require significant maintenance, such as watering, mowing, trimming, seeding, fertilizing, and other chemical treatments. Without these, standard grass will die or become visually unappealing. However, artificial grass does not need any of these activities to maintain its visual appeal. The only maintenance our high-quality artificial grass requires is a quick cleaning with water from a hose every once in a while.

#4. Is Artificial Grass Expensive?

Like conventional grass or any other form of landscaping, artificial grass can be expensive. However, with high-quality synthetic turf from SYNLawn Alabama, the investment is worth it! With artificial grass, the majority of the cost is upfront. However, with landscaping like traditional grass, the costs are ongoing. In most situations, this means that standard grass will cost more than artificial grass over time. Although synthetic turf can be a costly upfront investment, it is a much more cost-effective one – since property owners can save money on watering and other maintenance costs over time. 

#5. Is Artificial Grass Good for Children and Pets?

At SYNLawn Alabama, our artificial grass products are ideal for several residential and commercial applications. We even offer artificial turf products for specific purposes, including turf for children and pets. For example, our playground turf is a safer surface for children to run and play on. This is thanks to its cushioned backing that helps absorb running feet and falls, which can help avoid potentially serious injuries during playtime. In addition, our pet turf is a soft, healthier space for pets to play or relax. Unlike traditional grass and other surfaces, our pet turf is gentle on paws and easy to clean. Plus, it drains water quickly!   

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Artificial grass from SYNLawn Alabama is an exceptional option for landscaping in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, and other Alabama communities. Our high-quality synthetic turf provides residential and commercial properties and their owners with several advantages. Our artificial grass is ultra-realistic, durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective. This makes it an excellent surface for kids, pets, and even adults to run, jump, play, or relax on. For more information on the benefits of installing artificial turf or to get a quote, contact us at SYNLawn Alabama today!